Quicktron 07 RH HyQ Clean


Product Description

The Quicktron 07 RH Series electronic metal separators automatically detect and reject metallic contaminants from free fallaing bulk materials without interrupting production. Clean product passes freely through the metal separator. A contaminant in the product stream alters the high frequency field generated by the detection coil. The electronics evaluate this signal and generate an impulse for the solenoid valve and the double actuating air cylinder that operate the eject flap. The contaminant is instantly diverted from the good product stream assuring minimal good product loss. The eject time is adjustable. In the case of several metal particles being present, the reject time will be extended accordingly, to assure a metal free product. The eject flap returns automatically to it's normal position after a successful metal rejection event.

Convincing arguments

  • Hygiene wonder: No inaccessible dirt accumulating pockets due to open frame design and a round eject gate. The quick-out eject gate can be removed and separated from the rest of the unit for cleaning in a few easy steps. The easy-clean eject flap with shaft can be removed just as fast from the eject gate. Complete without tools.
  • External interferences do not have a chance! the so-called "power line" detector coil with interference shield has several layers of shielding and does not require a plastic sensor pipe. The pipe connections of the detection coil are welded onto the detector housing. Since there are no openings to the outside, external interferences cannot reach the sensing field inside the detector.
  • Compact construction and low profile guarantee a seamless integration into any production process.
  • design flexibility: depending upon the installation the client can choose between the detector type with an integrated electronics cabinet or separate electronics housing.
  • The pneumatic actuated reject gate is rugged, reliable and fast-reacting.
  • The exteded system monitoring guarantees maximum reliability. Aside from the mojor electronic components the air supply and reject gate are continously monitored. Any type of fault is reliably indicated in real time.
  • Additional information regarding the electronics can be found in the rear of this specification sheet.




A far higher detection accuracy of stainless steel and wire-shaped contaminants, as well as the ability to detect many non-metallic impurities, such as glass, stones and high-density plastics, maximizes product safety.

Reliable inspection at the highest level is also possible with aluminum-packed products and products with a strongly fluctuating product effect.


A large number of standard quality algorithms can also be used to identify further product deficiencies. The algorithms offer, among other things, the possibility to check the units per package for completeness.

Using masking functions, one can, for example, exclude locking clips from detection and at the same time monitor them for their presence.

Even missing or damaged product parts can be easily identified using an integrity algorithm.


Simple integration is implemented by optimal consulting and project planning by a MESUTRONIC specialist on site.

Easy operation of the foreign body detector via clear and intuitive menu guidance rounds off a rapid integration of the system into the production process.


In order to minimize the maintenance effort, components such as the X-ray generator and X-ray receiver can be easily accessed from the front.

Foldable radiation protection tunnels and the belt quick release feature ensure fast access to the examination area and rapid changing of the conveyor belt.


Configurable detection test function for performance verification and comprehensive and complete data management ensure compliance with international production and retailer standards.

Due to the strict hygienic structure optimal cleaning of the system is possible.


The easySCOPE promises high flexibility through individually configurable components.

This includes different widths of conveyor belts, flexible adaptation of the system lengths to the local conditions, and product-specific reject systems such as pusher, air-jet, swivel arm or drop-flap.