Detects all metals in solid products or as loose parts. Quick and easy to install.

Foreign body detector for qualitiy control of packed goods using X-Ray technology

Metal separator for the examination of free falling bulk materials

Tunnel metal detector with integradted evaluation electronic - used in belt conveyors.

Metal separator for the inspection of granules and flakes in free fall

Metal detector with round aperture for the installation in bulk conveying lines.

Detects all metals encapsulated or as loose parts. High sensitivity in rough industrial environments.

Detects all metals encapsulated or as loose parts.Highly precise metal detection – remarkably reliable

Highly precise detection, impressive reliability.Highly precise detection, impressive reliability

Specifically tailored system solutions with sensing tubes and support frames.

Minimal space requirement (reduced metal free zone) due to mesuCAGE technology.

Specifically tailored system solutions with reliable conveying technology and selected accessories.

High sensitivity in all industrial environments. Used either in quality control or for machine protection.

Compact plate metal detector for the installation small load belt conveyors.

Minimum installation height for maximum integration ease due to mesuCAGE technology.

Extremely precise metal detection – impressively reliable. ATEX conforming versions available.

A worthwile investment, protects valuable production equipment.

Impressive simple operation. Variable and flexible due to tailor-made system concept.

Metal separator for the combination with vacuum fillers to examine liquid/pasty foods products.

For the direct installation into the trough of a vibratory conveyor.Quick and easy to install.

Metal separator for installation on injection molding machines or extruders

Conveying of packed products and bulk materials in the production line with "metal free area".

Metal separator for the pharmaceutical industry for the inspection of tablets and capsules.

flexible integration into existing conveying systems, independent of direction, quick and cost-effective.

Reliable metal and spark removal.Minimal ejection loss through ultra-fast switching time.

Special version for abrasive granules or hazardous areas available

The hygienic 3-way separating valve without dead space is suitable for CIP and optional pigging cleaning procedures.

Mobile metal detector for combination with a vacuum filler to examine pasty products like sausage meat.


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